Learning at Bordesely Green East focuses on the whole child. We follow the guidance within the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (2014), taking into account the characteristics of effective early learning:

  • Nursery Information ImagePlaying and exploring

  • Active learning

  • Creative and thinking critically

The children experience a mix of child initiated learning, and adult directed learning, throughout the day. Through continuous provision the children develop confidence within their surroundings to become architects' of their own learning inside and out.

Our commitment to Forest School extends the opportunities that we can afford the children, allowing all to build upon learning, taking risks and problem solving in the most natural way.

Each child has their own key worker, who manages a group of no more than 13 children. This will be a child's family group, and as such will have a family group time during the day, building up a close bond with their adult key worker. At all other times children have the opportunity to work with the whole staff team, dependant on where they choose to work and on what they choose to do.

Throughout the day the children can direct their own learning, through child initiated play whilst staff engage in play with the children, co-constructing learning, or else engage children in an adult directed activity. Throughout, all seven areas of learning will be planned for and covered throughout the week.

Learning is planned for in a variety of ways:

Weekly family group planning focusing clearly on the needs and interests of the children, building on skills within the prime areas of learning. Focussed adult led activities across the nursery and provocations to introduce and develop children's thinking and breadth of experiences. All planning further annotated to inform the practioners: what went well, what needed to be changed etc, and within the weekly family group planning "next steps" for learning are annotated.