Welcome back letter September 2020

7th September 2020 







Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well and that you have had an enjoyable summer break. The staff and I are looking forward to welcoming your children back to school in September and a return to something a little closer to normal. We do recognise however, that there will be many challenges ahead, which require your support to adapt to unfamiliar routines and practices, which allow us to deliver a high quality curriculum and learning experience whilst keeping your families and staff safe. It is therefore important that you read this letter carefully and ensure you are familiar with everything we will ask of you and your child in September to allow school to be as safe and productive as possible, and that you discuss carefully with your child how they can return ready to follow new procedures in September. 


September 2020 

School will return with a carefully phased return for all pupils in September 2020. We will begin by inviting children who accessed the setting previously to allow them to have the transition experience that they have missed during this lockdown. Children new to the setting will then join them and separation will be discussed on an individual basis depending how confident your child is in their new surroundings. We will have new norms and expectations due to COVID guidance and due to children having such a long period away from school this may mean that your child is unsettled. Please be aware that you may be asked to stay with your child or they may stay for a shorter session while they develop confidence and relationships with staff and peers. 


Further to this phased return and in line with government advice around health and safety measures, we will be implementing a bubble system enabling each year group to be isolated from other year groups. To enable this to work effectively we are also introducing a one way system around the school site, entering via the gates on Bordesley Green East and exiting through the gate on Stuarts Road. We ask that parents do not wear high heeled shoes to school as this destroys the safety surfaces in our school playgrounds. We are also insisting that parents who are entering the school building to settle their child wear a mask/ face covering to keep you, your family, children and staff as safe as possible. 



Once settled, all students will be expected to attend school fully in September. If your child is absent through illness please notify the school in the normal way. If your child has the symptoms of coronavirus, (persistent cough, fever, loss of smell) please do not send them to school and seek a coronavirus test immediately. If your child receives a positive coronavirus test, the school must be informed immediately. Failure to do so would put all members of our community at risk. 



Explorers (2-3 Year Olds) 




Inventors (Returning 3-4’s) 



Mrs Callaghan 



Researchers (New 3-4’s) 





Toys and books 

To further avoid risk and keep you and your families safe it is important that children do not bring toys from home. At this point we will not be sending library books home to limit the chances of sharing infections and cross contamination. 


Hygiene measures 

Coronavirus is more readily spread in close proximity and with physical contact between people; this has led to the social distancing measures we have all seen in shops, restaurants and on public transport. Whilst we cannot socially distance to that extent in school we will be working with children at an age appropriate level to discuss social distancing and modelling positive behaviour. The most important way you can ensure that your family is kept safe in this return to school is by ensuring your child follows the safety and hygiene measures. 


These include: 

· Washing or sanitising hands on entry to school 
· Washing their hands frequently during the day 
· Not bringing in toys from home 

· Using a tissue which is disposed of in the bin when coughing or sneezing and then sanitizing hands 


Classrooms will look a little different to what you have previously seen as we are limiting the amount of resources that are offered to ensure that they are cleaned down frequently to limit cross contamination. 



All children eligible for free school meals will be provided with a meal but please ensure that you have completed paperwork identifying your child’s likes and dislikes and have made staff aware of any allergies or intolerances. Parents of children who are not eligible for free school meals must send their child to school with a suitable packed lunch which they can eat with some support from adults. We will not be able to warm food but parents can provide thermos flasks which maintain the temperature of hot food. 


Parking and student pick up 


The start and end of the school day is often a very busy time with many families mixing freely at the front of school due to the proximity of local primary schools. To avoid this, please leave the area surrounding school promptly once you have collected your children.  


Safeguarding and wellbeing 

This period has been an incredibly challenging one on many fronts and I recognise the role that school plays in supporting the families in our community. If you are facing any challenges please talk to a member of staff and we will be able to signpost you to appropriate support mechanisms. Also, keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for links to support in the community. 


Yours sincerely 




David McCallin 

Head Teacher