Nursery - Parents Group



What is our nursery Parent’s Group?

  • It is a valuable way of being part of contributing to your child’s learning experience
  • Sharing your views and listening to your ideas
  • Curriculum planning
  • Planning for events, celebrations and fund raising
  • An opportunity to share any concerns
  • It helps us to make sure that the needs of our children and families are met

What are the meetings like?

  • They are informal, over a cup of tea or coffee, allowing for group chat and feedback
  • In the past, issues raised have been acted upon promptly and real changes have been made
  • At each meeting we hope to see new faces and parents are welcome to attend an occasional or all meetings
  • For those parents who can’t attend a ‘comment books’ is available in reception for anything you wish to be discussed

How often are they?

  • Every half term, approx. every 7 weeks

What will I have to do?

  • As much or as little as you want
  • Share information from the meetings with other parents
  • Encourage other parents to contribute and attend meetings if they can

Bordesley Green East Nursery School recognises that working together as a community and having a Parent Group gives all parents’ the opportunity to have a voice and make a difference

Date of Meetings held at 10:30am & 12:45pm

Our next meeting will be held  Wednesday 11th May