Home learning ideas

Parents / Carers.

Your child has shared the book ‘Walking through the Jungle’ by Julie Lancome with a key worker.


Walking Through the Jungle: Amazon.co.uk: Julie Lacome: Books


For further details of this planning please ask your child’s key worker.

This focused activity has provided a range of learning opportunities including:


  • How we read and share books.
  • Developing and understanding that print conveys meaning
  • To join in with repetitive text
  • Developing our understanding of different animals and animal sounds


To extend these learning opportunities we invite you to share an activity with your child at home.


Parent/carer needs to:

●Ask your child about the book ‘Walking through the jungle’ and talk about the different animals.

● Using the Pictures of the different animals find out what your child can remember about the story. 

● Encourage your child to talk about their favourite animal?

● Help your child to think about the different animals. Talk about their different features.

● Help your child to match the animals sounds and initial letter sounds to each of the different animals


Child needs to:

● Talk about the different animals and their features. You can prompt your child by asking them questions about the animal. (Q) I wonder what colour this animal is? (Q) I wonder what sound this animal made? (Q) I wonder how many legs this animal has?

● Play a lotto game matching the animals together with the initial letter sounds and the sounds that they make in the story



You can extend your child’s learning by:


  • Introducing your child to a range of animal stories
  • Find out more information about the animals in the story i.e. where can you find an elephant/lion? Where does an elephant/lion live? What do they like to eat?
  • Visit Chester zoo live stream or explore jungle animals on you tube