The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Video of the story


What you could do at home:

Could you right a list of meals for the week?

Could you make a recipe using any of the caterpillars fruit?

What can you cook together?

Could you practice fine motor skills such as cutting/ slicing/ peeling the  fruit and/ or  vegetables for your recipe?

Can you sort and count fruit or vegetables that you have at home?

Look at family photos from the past and present-How have family members changed?
                                                                             Discuss what family members like to eat

Healthy Schools Award Link-Discuss eating healthy foods, not eating too much and the importance of staying active
-You could do a Joe Wickes workout (
-You could talk about having fruit and vegetables with every meal or as a snack

Rights Respecting Schools Award Link-Right 24-I have the right to the best health care, safe water, nutricious food and information to keep me well